First Blog


Well, I've finally broken down and gotten a website!  I hope you enjoy it.  If you explore a bit, I think you'll discover some pretty cool stuff: bios, CD tracks, photos, gig posters, videos, and much more. 

Most of the uncredited photos were taken by my lovely wife & manager Tracy Pain.  Most of the cool design work on posters, CD covers, etc. was done by my friend, the brilliant Nike whiz (and shredding guitar player) Dave Gill.  The "banner" photo (at the top of the site) as well as the nice photos on Mel Brown CD covers, posters, etc., were taken by Jim Semlor.  (

Anyway, please test drive the site and give me some feedback.  Sign up at the email list if you wish.  My hope is that this website will be an entertaining and ever-changing place to visit and interact--not just an exercise in self-promotion.

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