1. Rock Me Baby

Vocalist LaRhonda Steele and I have played together since 1994, but very sporadically.  The gigs have generally been of the very informal variety, i.e., "Do you know, 'Walking the Dog?'  Cool: let's play it. Key of D?  One, two, three..." The result has almost invariably been magic!  When we finally decided to record a CD, we resisted the temptation to approach it any differently.  For instance, we decided to take a stab at "Rock Me Baby" with a total of seven minutes to go on the second and last day of organ/drum tracking.  We liked it so much we all laughed afterwards, and we put it on the CD just like that (laughter & all)!  Critics say they love the spontaneity as well; e.g. Downbeat gave the CD 4 out of 5 stars!