“Louis Pain has that authentic organ groove.  You rarely hear that anymore.”  --George Benson (Ten-time Grammy-winning guitarist/vocalist) 

"Pain's tight, expert activity on the [B-3] console comes out of Jimmy Smith, yet sounds fresh through the expressive qualities of of his dapper swing...one of the most soulful sitting at the console today."  --Downbeat 

"Portland's boss of the B-3."  --The Oregonian 

"Contemporary jazz fans will know that ‘King’ Louie Pain is a modern Hammond B-3 maestro- keeping alive the spirit of Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Brother Jack McDuff et al." —William Buckley, Soul and Jazz and Funk (UK) 

"Pain’s left hand is truly to be marveled at." --Living Blues 

"King Louie est le roi du Hammond B-3."  --Blues & Co [France] 

“Louis Pain is my right-hand man.  I don‘t want to do nothing without him.  He‘s the man; he‘s the bomb!  He‘s always got my back musically.  I love him madly.”  --Mel Brown (Portland drum legend) 

“As Music Director for acts such as The Temptations, The Four Tops, Anita Baker and Martha Reeves, I have contracted some of the best musicians in the world.  I am always looking for musicians that are not only serious but passionate as well as professional, which is why I am so grateful that for the last three years I've had the joy of using Louis Pain as my exclusive contractor for my performances in Portland.  --Al McKenzie/AMAC Records 

“Working with Louis Pain has always been a real treat and a pleasure for me.  I like what he does; he takes care of serious business.  And I love his builds!”  --Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (“World’s Most Recorded Drummer”) 

Louis Pain is like this secret!  I really enjoy listening to him.  He’s seriously funky; he grooves big-time.”  --the late Joey deFrancesco (Downbeat's #1 Jazz Organist for over a decade) 

“Where have YOU been?”  --Phil Upchurch (legendary bassist & guitarist) 

“Louis Pain is an absolute joy to play with in whatever style of music.  The best thing about him is how he cares about and loves playing the music with feeling and soul.”  --Tony Coleman (legendary blues drummer)

“Louis has been such a quiet and integral player in the Portland area.  With each note Louis plays, he’s always making the bands he’s with…better bands.  Whether backing the late great Paul deLay, Linda Hornbuckle or Sweet Baby James, Louis’ talent and vibe brings the music that much closer to the audience.  I dig the man and respect all of his being.  Louis Pain is Portland music.”  --The late Steve Pringle, KMHD/KINK/KGON FM 

“Louis Pain is Portland's best-kept secret.  He has a lot of soul--he plays from his heart, not his head.  He always plays exactly what the song needs, and that’s an art form.  He’s playing what he feels, not what he thinks will impress.”  --Curtis Salgado, vocalist & bandleader (Santana, Room Full of Blues) 

Louis Pain is a great guy and a soulful musician.  He is one of the few real Hammond B-3 players around today.  He has a melodic and smooth yet powerful sound.  --The late Bruce Conte (Tower of Power guitarist) 

Louis Pain, for any who don't already know it, is a great organist.  --The late Mike Finnigan (legendary organist/vocalist) 

For a vocalist, Louis is a joy to work with.  He accompanies and arranges beautifully.  And he's so organized, which is rare.  The "Soul Diva" CD we recorded back in '94 was my first, and probably my best, and that's because Louis produced it.  He really knows what he's doing."  --Linda Hornbuckle, the late NW's "Legendary Soul Diva" 

"Louis Pain is the top of the heap when it comes to the Hammond B-3 organ.  He knows how to swing it, he knows how to make it sweet, he knows how to make it sing and make it growl.  He’s the consummate B-3 master.”  --Tom Grant (top-selling smooth jazz recording artist) 

"I've been in music since 1949, and Louis Pain is one of the best I've worked with.  I can't believe what comes from his hands, feet & head.  He's a fantastic, soulful player, and he doesn't even know it.  The cat can play, man."  --"Sweet Baby James" Benton, late, great NW vocalist & entertainer 

"Pain is responsible for the 'nuisances'--bandspeak for nuances--that set the [Paul] deLay Band apart. . .Thanks to Pain's 'nuisances,' the band exudes a musicianly discipline often missing from the rabble of lumpty-dumpty shufflemongers.  The deLay Band intertwines melody and harmony lines in ways that echo ensembles such as Django Reinhardt's quintet or Duke Ellington's big bands."  --John Foyston, The Oregonian, 2-5-95 

“Louis is one of the very best musicians I've worked with, especially as an accompanist.  He supports the soloist without ever getting in the way.  That’s a rare talent.  I used to call him 'Comp Man' because he accompanies so well!”  --Jules Broussard (Ray Charles, Santana) 

“Louis Pain is the real deal, but he’ll never get recognition because he’s into the music, not showing off.  But he’ll always be appreciated by the musicians he works with because he makes them sound good.  I ain’t lyin’ about that!”  --The late Thara Memory (Renowned Portland trumpeter & educator) 

"'Still waters run deep'...soft spoken & unassuming, soulful, solid, & funky: Louis Pain sets the standard that a lot of us organists aspire to.  He educates younger players about what it means to hold it down and make it happen musically.  Never flashy, but with impeccable time, a great bass line, and a fantastic sound, I second what Joey deFrancesco said about Louis: he grooves!"  --David K. Mathews, organist with Etta James & Santana 

“Louis Pain is one of the state's musical treasures. When you hear him play, you can feel it coming from his soul.  He's got the magic touch!”  --Terry Currier, Owner, Music Millennium 

“When touring bands ask me about picking up a local organist for their festival sets, I always recommend Louis because he always delivers.  He’s played with many festival headliners--ranging from soul legends to blues & jazz greats--and I’ve always gotten raves afterwards.  Louis is a very special talent.”  --Peter Dammann, Talent Coordinator, Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival 

Hammond B3 maestro, Louis Pain works as "King Louie" and if you're familiar with his work, you'll understand why he justifies the royal epithet!  Consistently his recordings are joyous celebrations of old school soul, blues and soul-jazz. --William Buckley, Soul and Jazz and Funk (UK) 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


“Thanks for lighting up our residents’ day yesterday!  They LOVED you guys!  We look forward to having you back in July!”  —Laura McCormack, Life Enrichment Director, Cogir at The Quarry  

“We have had King Louie here to play music for our senior community several times.  As an activity director, I feel I am exposing our seniors to really hip and cool music when King Louie is here.  I suspect very few of them ever listened to live jazz music before.  It makes me happy that they ask me to book King Louie again and again.  Our residents really look forward to his concerts here because the music makes them feel they've been transported to a swanky jazz nightclub.  I strongly recommend Louie to anyone who appreciates jazz music and wants a spectacular event.”  —Marti Earhart, Director of Resident Programs, Vancouver Pointe  

“So glad you and Renato enjoyed playing for us! Our residents have been emphatically asking for your return. They said it was truly incredible.”  —Joshua W. Warren, Live Enrichment Coordinator, Touchmark at Fairway Village.  

“Thank you so much Louis and Renato for coming to play for us and for being so wonderful with the residents!  They really love being able to ask questions of our guests and you both were so open to letting them talk with you throughout the performance.  It was a great event and I am excited that you will be coming back !!!”  —Christine Burroughs, Live Enrichment Manager, Willamette View

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


“‘King Louie’ isn’t just a top musician.  He’s also a bandleader and show organizer who always produces shows that turn into must-see events.  He puts a tremendous amount of effort into his shows, which results in shows that bring down the house and leave audiences satisfied.  On the business end, he knows and understands the importance of marketing & promotions and gets the job done."  --Jimmy Makarounis, late owner of Jimmy Mak’s 

“Louis Pain is my go-to music guy for Nike events of all types.  I’ve always counted on him to deliver--assembling the best musicians to create bands of varying sizes and styles.  And Louis has come thru time & time again, at everything from televised awards shows to company parties. --Michael Doherty, Creative Director for Global Presentation, Nike, Inc. 

“Louis has participated in three creativity workshops I’ve organized and facilitated: at Nike and at Jimmy Mak’s with the Mel Brown group, and at Wieden & Kennedy with his own band.  In each case, Louis was tremendously helpful in showing how the spontaneous, interactive creative process of top musicians relates to creativity in the corporate environment.”  --Mark Smith, Creative Director of Jordan Brand, Nike, Inc. 

"The Portland Blues Revue, put together by Louis Pain and featuring vocalists Curtis Salgado and LaRhonda Steele, provided our 2012 Jazz At The Oxford series with a rousing opening weekend.  Three incredible shows.  Three oversold houses.  Louis was wonderful to work with and the shows were sizzling hot!  Then he did it all over again, with different personnel, in 2013 and 2104!"  --Marshall Glickman, CEO, G2 Strategic, LLC 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


“King Louie & Friends has performed at my own private parties, as well as at numerous Nike corporate events.  Each time they’ve been great fun: soulful and thoroughly entertaining.”  --Tinker Hatfield, VP of Design, Nike, Inc. 

King Louie & Friends' music was wonderful!  Andy and LaRhonda were so warm and entertaining.  I hope that you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did. Please let me know if we can count on the same group this year.  --Don Ossey, LPGA VIP Dinner Organizer 

“King Louie & Friends put on a wonderful performance, full of energy and pure emotion!  Their soulful music kept guests and the wedding party dancing long into the evening with an array of unique and highly-requested songs.  We highly recommend Louis’ band to our clients!”  --Becky Arbeene, Soiree special event planning 

“I’m more than happy to let the fiancees of Portland know that you guys rock and are exactly what people should be looking for as a non-cheesy alternative.  We got tons and tons of compliments on the music at our wedding.  Everyone enjoyed your band, both young and old.”  --Ali Katzen 

“We wanted our wedding to be special--including the music.  Louis Pain’s group was perfect; we’re still getting compliments on the music now, two years after our wedding!”  --Justin & Jenelle Durrie 

"King Louie & Friends was definitely one of the highlights of my wedding.  I wanted the band to be memorable, and Louis definitely delivered.  We had Sweet Baby James crooning during the dinner set and Linda Hornbuckle belting for the dance set.  How cool is that?  My guests were blown away."  --Joe Boyle, Columbia Sportswear 

“You guys were awesome.  Everyone loved you so much!”  --Elizabeth Spagat 

"I hired King Louie & Friends to play at my oldest daughter's wedding several years ago.  The band was so great that I recently hired them again for my younger daughter's wedding.  Once again, they were a huge hit!"--Nick Schwartz, Vice-President Sales, Apparel and Accessories at Wolverine World Wide 

 Thank you again for making our wedding reception in October such a fun party!  The band had everyone up and dancing the entire evening.  Grandparents and friends alike have repeatedly said how much fun they had and how incredible your performance was.  We really felt the energy you guys put out there and it meant a lot to us to have a music-filled evening.  Thank you.  Words are not enough, thank you!  --Cailin Rarey 

Thanks so much, the music couldn’t have been better!  We have had more thank you cards and comments from those who came than I can remember any other time at our annual party.  Particularly about how much they enjoyed dancing and wanted to do it more!  So again thanks to all of the band members who made it possible and for letting our son sing, which I’ve always loved, with such a great back up band.  --Eva Kutas 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  


"One reason I always look forward to coming to Portland is that I know I'll get to play one of Louis Pain's great B-3's.  What a difference that makes!  I only wish I could take one of Louis' organs with me to all my gigs."--Joey deFrancesco, #1 organist in Downbeat Magazine's Critic's Poll for 8 years running 

"Louis Pain has the best-sounding Hammonds in town, and they're consistently well-maintained and noise-free.  I always recommend Pain Organ Rental Service to my clients."--Dennis Carter, Falcon Recording, Inc. 

"Louis Pain is totally professional, his B-3s are as good as they get and always impeccably maintained. In this part of the world, Louis is the go to guy for organ rentals."--Clay Fuller, Director, Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival 

"After a series of disastrous organ rentals from local music equipment rental companies, we've seen the light.  We now rent Hammonds exclusively from the specialist, Pain Organ Rental Service."--Greg McDonald, Lupin LLC 

"Louis Pain knows his Hammonds!  As a top organist, he knows what we're looking for in an organ rental.  He provides the best B-3's in the Northwest."--Steve Reischman, Showman, Inc. 

"The B-3 Louis Pain provided for the 2002 Waterfront Blues Festival was the best Hammond I've ever encountered on a road trip."--Al Kooper, legendary rock organist & founder of "Blood, Sweat & Tears"