Playing on the 2021 Oregon State Fair promotional t.v. spot

On 7/9/21, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a t.v. spot for the 2021 Oregon State Fair.  It was a cool process, with Tag Team Audio producer Richard Moore, engineer Randy Johnson, and three corporate/state fair folks all kicking around ideas for the organ track.  One of the State Fair guys is a big Jimmy McGriff fan, leading to my getting the call for the gig.  

There was no room in the studio for my B-3, but I did bring bass pedals to use with my Nord C2d Combo Organ (pedals not shown in the photo).  The guys all loved the sound & groove and were super happy with the finished spot.  It's always a pleasure to work with real pros, and the Tag Team Audio folks definitely fall into that category!  

(The spot was produced by Marc Bowen Productions for Trooper Advertising LLC and the Oregon State Fair.)

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