The Other One, recorded in November, 1990--just a few months after I joined the Paul deLay Band--was a major departure for the group.  Previously, their material had largely been blues covers.  But, likely freed up by the trauma and public embarrassment of a well-publicized drug bust, Paul started performing highly personal songs he'd been tinkering with in private for years.  He also wrote some new ones, including this tune I co-wrote with him.  The song won the Portland Music Association's songwriting contest for 1993 in the Rhythm & Blues category. 
Rhythm section members Jeff Minnick & John Bistline laid down the restrained groove.  The four-bar piano-guitar-sax riff played behind both the harp solos and the vocal was a collaboration between sax player Dan Fincher and myself.  We'd joined the band at the same time and brought our common background in soul music--where there are often set "parts"--to the arrangements.  This track is also notable for a rare change of pace: me playing piano and, yes...synth strings!