Louis Pain


The Linda Hornbuckle Band

The late, great Linda Hornbuckle was rightfully called the northwest's "Legendary Soul Diva."  But "diva" in the sense of talent only; Linda was one of the nicest, humblest people you could hope to meet.  Louis first worked with Linda in 1992-1995 when she fronted the No Delay Band during Paul deLay's incarceration. That band recorded the critically-acclaimed 1994 CD, "Soul Diva Meets the Blues Monsters," co-produced by Louis.  After Paul's release, Louis rejoined him and Linda led her own band--invariably the funkiest outfit around.  During the last five or so years of Linda's life, Louis occasionally played in that band, particularly at Jimmy Mak's.  To find out more about Linda and her band, click here.

Since Linda's untimely passing in 2014, her band has continued to gig occasionally, backing her close friends and fellow soul singers LaRhonda Steele, Andy Stokes, Lady Kat, and others.



An augmented version of the Linda Hornbuckle Band played Brian Grant's '12 Parkinson's fundraiser, "Shake It 'til We Make It."