Louis Pain



May 11, 2019

On May 9, a nice piece about me and the King Louie Organ Trio's CD project in the Vancouver/Clark County newspaper, The Columbian.  The occasion was our upcoming May 10 Clark County CD release at Salud! Wine Bar in Camas, WA.  The article includes photos taken in my "man cave."  Check it out here

MAY 8, 2019

My latest news concerns the ongoing launch of the King Louie Trio's debut CD, "It's About Time."  Both CD release events (April 8 @ the Lake Theater & Cafe and April 10 @ the Jack London Revue) were big hits.  And a rave review of the CD will be appearing in the August issue of the world's top blues/jazz magazine, Downbeat!  (In an email, the reviewer told me that our group is "stellar!")

Today marks the on-line release of the CD.  Folks can now purchase or download the CD at cdbaby.  It will be available very soon at Amazon, etc.  Stay tuned for more news about our exciting recording!



APRIL 7, 2019

My latest news is that, completely out of the blue, I suffered a major heart attack. I was playing a “King Louie & LaRhonda Steele” gig on Friday, March 22 at a Pearl District restaurant called Bluehour.  It was an exceptionally fun gig, with patrons up dancing and the band really in synch.  Then, in midsong, I began feeling some serious heartburn coming on.  A minute or so later, I started feeling a little flushed and queasy as well.  I thought, “uh, oh: this could be a heart attack.”  I still finished the song, but then I turned to Edwin the drummer and told him what was going on.


I was more uncomfortable than in real pain, and it took awhile to decide that I really needed to go to the hospital then and there.  But eventually my wife Tracy Pain convinced me, and friends made arrangements to store my gear and to get my van pulled around in front of the venue.  Then Tracy drove me to a hospital we were familiar with and that was relatively close to our home: Peace Health on 87th Avenue in Vancouver.  


Knowing what we know now, we should have called 911 the moment I suspected heart attack, and we should have taken an ambulance.  But we did get to the hospital within about 40 minutes of the beginning of the attack, and the medical staff there assessed me and got the blockage cleared very quickly, saving my life.  It turned out that I had suffered a “widow maker” heart attack: a complete blockage of the LAD artery.


They kept me in the hospital for the standard length, 72 hours, to test and observe me.  Then I was sent home with instructions to avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks, to take my new medications religiously, and to adjust my diet & exercise.  Fortunately, the two scheduled CD release parties were both 2 weeks out, so I’m good to go!

Not to suggest that the heart attack was not a big deal.  As the expression goes, it was, "as serious as a heart attack": absolutely and profoundly life-changing.  But that change has definite positive aspects.  Tracy and I had NEEDED to improve our diet and to exercise more, and we are now making those changes.  And thanks to the overwhelming support I've received, I now realize how very many people care about me. 


Here’s the link to a great article about me and the King Louie Organ Trio’s debut CD, with some mention of the heart attack towards the end.  The author is John Foyston, the former head music critic at The Oregonian

And here are links to a pair of radio interviews I did between my release from the hospital and our CD release parties on April 8 & 10.  (Fear not: I wasn't overdoing it.  Tracy did the driving; I just did the gabbing!)  




MARCH 1, 2019

My big news is the debut CD of my instrumental trio, King Louie's Organ Trio, featuring Renato Caranto on sax and Edwin Coleman III on drums.  The CD, appropriately titled, "It's About Time," features all original material: 11 tunes composed by me--primarily over the past few months--and one each by Renato and Edwin.  Each song on the album is named after and inspired by an important person in our lives.  We are being joined by three very special guests: Portland legend Mel Brown on drums, and a pair of truly amazing guitar players: Dan Faehnle (Diana Krall; Pink Martini) and Bruce Conte (Tower of Power).  Needless to say, we are super excited!

We've already recorded all thirteen songs; that took just two days!  The only other thing to do is a couple percussion overdubs, then we will be ready to have the CD mixed, mastered, and sent off for manufacture.  The CD really captures our spontaneity and sound.  It was recorded on tape--with zero editing--by Long Play Recording's owner & engineer Jim Hage, who is a sticker for natural-sounding, retro recording.



The 2018 release (honored as one of Downbeat's "Best Albums Of the Year"), “King Louie’s Blues Revue: Live At Riverhouse Jazz,” features an all-star line-up of Portland’s top vocalists (LaRhonda Steele, Andy Stokes, Lisa Mann) & instrumentalists (Peter Dammann, Renato Caranto, Edwin Coleman III, Louis), plus Bay Area trombone great Danny Armstrong.  The recording captured all the magic of one of Louis’ all-time favorite gigs as his 8-piece “dream group” entertained an ecstatic audience in a sophisticated nightclub setting.  Check out what the reviewers wrote:


"Portland-based organ player Louis “King Louie” Pain, one of the most soulful sitting at the console today, directs the spontaneous big fun of a gig in Bend, Oregon. Veterans Andy Stokes and LaRhonda 'Portland’s First Lady of the Blues' Steele set their vocals strongly in the intermixed blues, soul, jazz and r&b instrumentals of a specially assembled band that includes venerable Bay Area trombonist Danny Armstrong and bassist-singer-songwriter Lisa Mann. The set takes a provocative turn with ultra-sensual songs by James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Willie Dixon and B.B. King."   —Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat, February 2018 (4-star review)


“If you love old soul and funk you need to hear King Louie’s Blues Revue.” —Richard Ludmerer, Making a Scene! 


“A spontaneous, fun-filled celebration of old style soul, blues and funk.”  —William Buckley, Soul and Jazz and Funk (UK)


 “Boy, did Louis Pain ever put together something magical…Live At Riverhouse Jazz is one of those exciting moments on stage where everybody is bringing their best and then some. If you have attended one of these shows, you’re going to smile from the memories retained from being there.  For those who have not, this is going to be the next best thing until you can make it to one yourself.”  —Greg Johnson, Blues Notes, Cascade Blues Association 


To purchase the CD, or just to read more about it and listen to sample clips, click here.


Louis and vocalist LaRhonda Steele released their first CD together in 2016, and it generated a lot of buzz!  Downbeat gave the CD four out of a possible five stars.  The prestigious magazine also made the CD one of the handful of nominees for "Blues Album of the Year" in the 2016 Downbeat Critic's Poll and later honored it as one of the "Best Albums of 2016."  Longtime Downbeat critic/Grove Press author Frank-John Hadley wrote, “Rock Me Baby, with its indomitable uprush of high-quality blues and jazz, is one of the few truly outstanding albums of 2016.”  Additional rave reviews poured in from France, Italy, the UK, Germany, Croatia, and Spain!  




To purchase the CD, or just to read more about it and listen to sample clips, click here.