Louis Pain



Midnight Special

King Louie's Portland Blues Revue
Jimmy Smith


I put together an all-star band for Bend, Oregon's prestigious Jazz at the Oxford series three seasons in a row.  Each year, we featured different vocalists to keep it fresh.  A special treat came in 2014, when I arranged for my old Bay Area musical partner, trombonist Danny Armstrong, fly up from Oakland to play with us.  The chemistry between Danny and my Portland sax playing partner Renato Caranto was particularly special!  Later, the sound man gave me his two-channel board recording of the shows.  The mix wasn't ideal, but good enough for a promo CD, and good enough to share this instrumental "outtake" with you!  The rest of the group: guitarist Peter Dammann and drummer Edwin Coleman III.  BTW, that's not a Hammond B-3 I'm playing: it's my 34 lb Nord C2 Combo Organ, played thru a real Leslie Speaker.  

CD cover