Louis Pain



Maybe Our Luck Will Change

The Paul deLay Band


During Paul's incarceration, his band--appropriately dubbed the No Delay Band--had backed "soul diva" Linda Hornbuckle.  Upon Paul's release, Linda formed her own band, but the two friends teamed up for this churchy duet on Paul's first post-prison CD.  I co-wrote this song with Paul.  Rhythm section members Mike Klobas & John Mozzacco suggested the tempo change after the modulation.  Grammy-nominated pianist Janice Scroggins was also a special guest on the session, at my suggestion, and she just nailed this performance.  (Our collaboration had begun on the No Delay CD.)  Sadly, Janice--like Linda--is now deceased.  The tune is poignant in light of Paul's premature death just eleven years after its recording, and Linda and Janice's subsequent passing in 2014.

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